Saturday, October 19, 2013

Looks I love October '13

Haven't done this for quite sometime, so here it is :)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Do you get it now?

I'm really confused about your stance against the Pope. I feel like you're misconstruing what he's saying. To me it doesn't seem like he's saying it's okay for anyone to be gay or abort, or that the rules in the Bible are wrong. He's saying that the church shouldn't be so consumed in just those things. If the sinners are too afraid to come to church because they feel condemned and put down, how are we showing Jesus' love to anyone? We're supposed to bring others to Christ, not point them away.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I wish…

I think most people think I’m hardworking but I can be so unbelievably lazy that sometimes I shocked myself o.O

Take for example, this blog!

I really wished I have the perseverance to continue blogging, maybe not daily, but at least a few times per week.

I wish I’m a professional blogger. But blogging can be very hard because time is so scarce for me. I have a lot of other things to do. Like watching drama series. Ooops! Haha.

But other than that, workload can get really heavy here that the only remaining free time that I have, I want to leave it for my own entertainment and personal time. Do you get what I mean? To me, personal time is really important. To shut out from the outside world, even just for awhile.

Sometimes, I wish I have the guts to do something. Something different. Something out of the routine life that I lead. I always tell people to do something about it if they don’t like what they’re in now, or if they want something more. Maybe I should take my own advice =.= Funny how most of the times it’s easy to advise people but hard to actually follow your own advice.

But you know what? I just realised in some small ways, I did actually do something different or new each year. Even though to others, it may seem like a pretty small matter but still, it’s something right? Baby steps, people. Baby steps ;)

More often than not, I’m reminded that whatever my heart desires for, God always grant them in the end, according to His time. At times, I can be quite  impatient. However, I try to remind myself that God will give them at a time He thinks right for me :)

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Revenge (ABC Hit Series)

This woman is soooo strong, just like Katnis Everdeen.


"You know how much I love you Amanda?"


"Infinity times infinity"


"They say vengeance taken will tear the heart and torment the conscience. If there's any truth to it, then I now know with certainty that the path I'm on is the right one."

- Emily Thorne

Just this quote alone is enough to make me cry (well, almost).

"When deception cuts this deep someone has to pay. My father's chance to bring justice to the truly guilty was stolen from him. His only option was to forgive. I have others. They say vengence is a dish best served cold but, sometimes it's as warm as a bowl of soup. My father died an innocent man, betrayed by the woman he loved. When everything you love has been stolen from you. Sometimes all you have left is revenge. Like I said, this is not a story about forgiveness."

- Emily Thorne (voiceover)


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Looks I love May '12

Hola! Long time no seee uhhhhhhh... ehehehe…

Anyways, after exam today, I was browsing through lookbook. *procrastinating like usual*


I have decided to share with you my favourite looks again ;)